Margaret Baxter

Graduate student, expected graduation with master's in May 2019, seeking full-time employment starting summer or fall.


Texas A&M University
Master of Science
August 2017 - Present
Computer Science (May 2019)
Bachelor of Science
August 2103 - May 2017
Computer Engineering

Work Experience

Texas A&M University
Research Assistant
August 2017 - Present
Graphics Lab at Texas A&M
Teaching Assistant
January 2018 - May 2018
Intro to Computer Science
Student Grader
August 2014 - May 2015
Linear Algebra
Lab Intern
May 2014 - August 2014
AES Drilling Fluids

Optimized Solver for Articulated Dynamics

FabDym: Fabricable Dynamic Articulated Rigid Body Systems

Gradient based parameter optimization for physically realistic linkage systems.

Football Bingo

Software Engineering: SaaS

Greenhouse and Database

Custom sensor/actuator wireless network. Locally hosted website for interaction.

The greenhouse features fully automated drip irrigation, ventilation, and lights, as well as a locally hosted website that allows a user to interact with the status of the greenhouse. The system design was inspired by the Internet of Things framework, three Raspberry Pi modules drive ventilation and lighting, drip irrigation, and sensor data collection respectively. Additionally, we designed cost-effective soil moisture probes that communicate in a mesh network using the lightweight Arduino Pro Mini. The user is able to tailor the number of probes, plants, and actuators in the system to best fit their individual budget. The design we implemented features two plants per drip irrigation actuator, with only one soil moisture sensor per actuator (bottom left image). All sensor data is recorded in a SQL database and stored for the user to reference as they change the plants and, subsequently, desired conditions. An final Raspberry Pi was used to host the server and database, and all components are stored in a recycled computer case (bottom right image).

Parametrized Spirograph

Modeled movement of a Spirograph, designed and fabricated prototype.

For a two-person project, I investigated how to fabricate a Spirograph, a drawing implement that produces "flower-like" curves. We modeled a simple gear system using MATLAB to investigate what kinds of curves we could create with limited sized gears. We selected a simple gear set that produced visually distinct results when changing the position of the pen over the base table, and then modeled those gears in openSCAD using the parameters produced in MATLAB. Finally, we fabricated the spirograph with a formlabs printer. In the end, the pen holder proved to be the most challenging part of the design, as our 3D printer was too small to accomodate printing a gear system that could hold the weight of standard ballpoint pens.

Twitch Traffic Analyzer

RaspberryPi for data scraping from Twitch servers, analyzing traffic patterns for ad targeting.

Android Football Forecasting Application

Using outcome prediction algorithms, Android app with MVC structure.


Coming Soon